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We are a passionate design team with agility and collaboration at heart.

Graphic Design & Illustrations

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Creative Process

Communication is key in our creative process. We take our processes seriously here to maintain design quality and deliver on-time. We'll get to know your business on a holistic level, then go through the stages of our process from initial concept to the final product!

We believe that design is just a small part in the bigger picture of an effective digital marketing strategy. Be sure to check out our marketing services to make sure you're maximizing your efforts.

Kick-Off Meeting

When you come on board with Digital Swan, we send you a questionnaire to fill out basic information about your brand. Then, we'll set up a time to discuss your needs in more depth over Zoom.

Brainstorm & Initial Design

Our designers get to work on your project. Lucky you - we have some of the best creatives on our team! They'll come up with initial design concepts for you to review. 

Feedback & Revisions

We can set up a quick meeting to discuss the inital designs. We'll take this feedback and make revisions until you're happy with the final product!

Final Deliverables

We will deliver your print-ready files in your specified formats, along with the raw design files. Your design belongs 100% to you. Need help with printing? We have some recommendations.

Graphic Design & Illustration

The best brands out there have one thing in common: consistency. We offer graphic design and custom illustration services to provide assets for your company that will make for a memorable brand experience for your customers. Whether you need new print collateral, some fun illustrations for your website, or a new logo, the creative team at Digital Swan will deliver a design that you will not only love, but will also resonate with your target audience.

Responsive Web Design

The difference between a website visitor and a potential lead is the following: one of them has spent more than just a few seconds on your business’s website. They don’t click away. Their experience is so silky smooth that they don’t have trouble clicking the buttons that matter. Whether that’s “buy” or “subscribe”, visitors must feel compelled to do it. A dazzling yet strategic website design will do that for you. And so much more.

Creative Campaigns

Attention-grabbing, effective digital campaigns. Whether you need creative for a Facebook ad or digital display campaign, Digital Swan can help you create something that doesn't just convert, but creates solidifies you as a trustworthy leader in your industry. We believe that the power of creativity in business is strong, and paves the way for innovation and success. This is what drives our design process when creating content for paid ads and social media.
Let's work together.
We take an integrated, all-inclusive approach to digital marketing. We don't want to sell you one small piece of the puzzle, we want to give you the big picture from the start, so you can scale and grow as you get the results you deserve.
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