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PPC Ads: Skyrocket Your Business Revenue with a Paid Ads Strategy

Pay-per-click- or PPC ads require a great deal of experience to execute and manage properly. So often, businesses attempt to maintain their paid ads campaigns on their own, only to throw in the towel when they don't see a return on money or time investment. 

Setting Up a PPC Ad Campaign That Works for Your Business

Just in case you're new here, a PPC ad is an advertisement that requires a small (or large, depending on the keyword or phrase) payment each time your ad receives a click. It's a fantastic way to get your product in front of potential buyers without relying only on organic traffic. 

PPC campaign companies specialize in PPC management, dedicating their time and resources to running a campaign tailored to your specific business niche. PPC campaign cost will vary from company to company. 

Still, it's essential to choose a digital marketing agency that will offer an experienced Google PPC expert team that will ensure business growth through processes that work. While many paid search agencies make big promises, we can assure you that our tactics will lead to success utilizing advertising PPC ads. 

Pay-Per-Click Planning & Growth Map

Every aspect of a business requires quality control. PPC ads are not an exception to this rule. It's vital to the success of your journey to establish a PPC network that is going to propel your business forward. 

Since you are essentially buying website visitors, you'll want to be sure that those visitors are of high-quality, and present potential for conversion. Extensive research will put your Google and Facebook ads in front of the right audience, and provide you with the evidence in numbers. 

Keyword Research & Customer Targeting

Keywords are the backbone of your PPC plan. Without establishing the correct keywords for your niche and utilizing them correctly, you'll find yourself with every little organic traffic and paid traffic that amounts to nothing. 

Choosing the correct keywords at the start of a PPC campaign will ensure efficiency down the line. When you target the right keywords for your website niche, the project will come together seamlessly. 

Here's the kicker: Deciding which keywords to use is difficult, time-consuming, and all-out stressful if you don't know what you're doing. A Google advertising company experienced in PPC and using Facebook Ads manager has access to the tools needed to nail down the right keywords straightaway, including geographic targeting.

The type of knowledge is essential to any PPC project planning. Starting with keywords that miss the target demographic means starting all over, and plenty of wasted time.

PPC Ads Keyword Research

PPC Ad Creation & Landing Pages

The copy that comes along with PPC Ad Creation and landing pages is a massive part of selling your product or website. An experienced copywriter who knows how to write copy that sells will increase your conversion rate. 

Since landing pages tend to do better performance-wise than advertisements, it's crucial to have PPC, keyword-optimized landing pages in place. When a customer clicks your PPC ad, it will lead to a stand-alone landing page specifically meant to sell your services. 

This type of customer targeting, combined with actionable reporting, is what makes or breaks the success of a business online. You should always know exactly where your business ranks, both with search engines and the potential customers who use them.

The Importance of PPC Ads

Plain and simple; PPC ads affect your revenue. Know your clients and know your market. Contact Digital Swan today so that we can create a plan that drives your business forward. 

The beautiful thing about taking a business online is the limitless possibilities of consumer reach. You're one PPC ad away from world domination.

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