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Lessons Learned During 2020 as a New Digital Marketing Agency

Jamie here! Feeling a little wordy today, so why not utilize that and make some content for Digital Swan? It's a few days until Christmas, and then we'll be careening into the new year. I'll spare you the what-a-crazy-year mumbo jumbo that everyone talks about, because... duh. But this time of year, like I'm sure […]

How Could Marketing Automation Change Your Business?

As the owner of a small or medium-sized business, you continuously have to maximize your efficiency. There are never enough hours in the day or dollars in the bank account for everything you wish you could do. You might not realize that with the marketing automation tools, you could multiply your impact and dramatically improve […]

PPC Ads: Skyrocket Your Business Revenue with a Paid Ads Strategy

Pay-per-click- or PPC ads require a great deal of experience to execute and manage properly. So often, businesses attempt to maintain their paid ads campaigns on their own, only to throw in the towel when they don't see a return on money or time investment.  Setting Up a PPC Ad Campaign That Works for Your […]

Digital Marketing in a Small Town: 3 Things to Keep in Mind

Digital marketing in a small town offers its own set of challenges. Social media and marketing plans are not one-size-fits-all, and your strategy should be tailored to the type of business you operate and where you are located.  Build your Marketing Presence  The first step you need to take to start digital marketing in a […]

What is a Sales Funnel?

Understanding the Sales Funnel Simply put, a sales funnel is the process that helps a business move a potential customer closer to making a purchase or becoming a client. It is a step-by-step process and involves a series of actions such as automated emails, targeted videos and articles, and landing pages that will help the […]

4 Fast Tips for Coming Up With Original Social Media Content

Constantly coming up with creative, original social media content that users want to read or watch until the end, and even share with their friends, can be challenging at times. The good news is that there’s no shortage of websites and platforms where you can find the inspiration you need to craft original social media […]

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