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Sudz Fundraising

Website Redesign
Social Media
Graphic Design & Custom Illustration
Website Redesign
Social Media
Graphic Design & Custom Illustration

Sudz Fundraising

After seven years of building Sudz Fundraising as a brand and successfully solidifying their place as one of the most successful laundry detergent fundraising companies in the country, Sudz decided it was time for a new look. Additionally, as the business grew, the owner needed some assistance with their digital marketing efforts.
Sudz Fundraising bills itself as the “#1 Laundry Detergent Fundraiser for Teams.” Sudz lives up to that title by offering creative fundraising solutions to provide organizations and teams with a simple, fun, and profitable journey. The unique approach that Sudz Fundraising brings to an age-old sports tradition, gave Digital Swan an emotive canvas to work with for the social media media strategy campaign we designed.
Social Media
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Google Ads
Website Redesign
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Fresh New Website & Effective Digital Marketing

The fresh, energetic message was easy for our digital strategy team to translate into a reworked website that visually expressed the message Sudz Fundraising wants to convey to their audience. The final prong in this project was strategically writing copy for the website by utilizing focused keywords based on common search queries in order to clearly explain the Sudz fundraiser model.
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